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Crystals and Child Birth


Pregnancy is a time of great transition. These changes can bring incomparable happiness, along with fears, discomfort, and emotions that seemingly come out of thin air. One way to help ease yourself and your baby through the journey of pregnancy is with crystals.  Crystals are fun to experiment with, and make great gifts!

The classic pregnancy crystal is Moonstone. Moonstone is soothing, loving, and gently helps your body accept certainty amidst constant change. This stone is said to help balance out hormones, promote restful sleep, and comfort the carrier.


Rose quartz is another wonderful stone for pregnancy.  It is the quintessential stone of love!  This stone surrounds the carrier with love, acceptance and healing properties.  It also helps to open the heart chakra, and encourage growth.


There are several other stones that go well with pregnancy, relating to specific needs of the body.  Here are a few:

Hematite & Carnelian: are great for increasing circulation

Hematite and Smoky quartz:  Help the carrier to feel grounded and protected.

Blue Lace Agate, Lepidolite  & Aquamarine are powerful soothers.


When choosing a crystal, always go with what you are drawn to. Have faith in the fact that our bodies know what they need. If you are choosing for another person think about that person and focus on them, while choosing.  You can also incorporate their astrological correspondences or the babies.  If you are looking for a particular stone, or intention with a stone to fill it, let us know and we can find it for you!


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